Stores are (still) where the money is. 

MerchLogix commissioned financial analyst firm, DM Buck Advisory, LLC to examine SEC filings of public retailers and canvassed shoppers. Their research calculated the measurable impact of store investments to EBIT Margins,  GMROI, Return on Assets and more. 

Not a finance expert?  The insights are communicated in terms we can all understand. 

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E-commerce is growing, but consumers prefer to shop in-store (yes, even Millennials!)


During the pandemic, online sales spiked, but consumers and retailers hungry for the sales and ambiance that stores provide. The independent study found that:

  • 90% of transactions for public retailers are completed in-store, not online (even during a pandemic)

  • Same-store sales trended solidly positive in the past three years with stable profitability

  • 90% of consumers anticipate doing more in-store shopping this year (or already have)

  • Millennials and younger shoppers were more emphatic towards preferring the in-store experience


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